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We did it!!!!!

Number 2 for me!!!!!!! It finally got confirmed last night!!!!

Chicago, we did it!!!!!!

I couldn't be more proud of this....

I will never forget last night's Coronation Ceremony... ever. The first time was special, but this one... This is completely surreal. I'll never forget who got us all this far... Thank you so much!!!!

My thanks to all who supported me throughout these times... who dealt with all my bs during the spring, the memories we all shared during the playoffs... whether you were my opponent in the playoffs (Larry, thank you for making that series fun with me!) ... (and my buddies out in Nashville - you made that one hell of a series) or as an out of town friend in support of this team (our troupe out in Vancouver), or anyone who gave their heart and soul to this team and this city in the past and present... This is for all of you...

Thank you!!!! :)

Engraving Complete

#1 in 2007...

And now, its official... #2 in 2010...

2 Cups in 3 years.... I couldn't be more proud.

And sorry, Toronto.... I'm not moving anytime soon, even though I've been asked to move there already... lol

Training Camp 2010

I got to take a look today at our Blackhawks training for the first time since the last game they played... and we know when that was. :)

Either way, here's one of my newer pics... and it was the best one, unfortunately. The ones inside the United Center didn't work again.

Love this bench. I've never seen it before.... and for an obvious reason... hehe. ;)
How did Training Camp fare? Check out my opinions here... Collapse )
Summer Vacation is now officially over for me. I must admit, this time it was a bittersweet feeling. I couldn't believe everything went so fast this time around. But I will say this, I think I'll be ready by the time October 9th rolls around. It will be the official confirmation of my second Stanley Cup championship.

Buff.... -.- W....T.....F.... man?

Really??? This was spotted on Twitter today during Buff's day with the Cup... Really, Buff!?! ......... Really? 


This is the last and only time you'll ever see that jersey anywhere near the Cup, that's for sure. So, Thrasher fans, relish it while you can.

I swear, the Cup has gone through some really interesting adventures this time around, that's for sure. I find it funny that a friend of mine and Buff's dog drank out of it already... :) I'd hate to be the next guy that drinks out of it. Either way, just wow...

This Is A New One

I've never seen anything like this mistake before... This picture below is of the Prince of Wales Trophy and its present engravement, spotted at the recent Hawks Convention this past weekend......

Um... Oops.

I wonder who thought it was cute to do this little joke on the engraving... But to be honest, it even means a lot more that we also beat the Washington Capitals for the Stanley Cup Championship, lol

Another Chicago First With the Stanley Cup

I've never heard of anything like this, so this may be another Chicago first, but the Stanley Cup will return to Chicago after the NHL Draft for the Gay Pride Parade. The article is found under the link here.

This could impact many people in the community, let alone create a historical reminder of how far we've come along in the sports world.

For me, I couldn't be more proud to be able to see the Cup hoisted at the Pride Parade. Brent Sopel is doing this for a very good cause, and doing it in honor of Brendan Burke, I seriously couldn't be more proud of how far we've come in the hockey community.

Thank you, polomex  for sharing this with the world.

A Stanley Cup First

As everyone knows, its Chicago's turn to create a new story with the Cup, and here's one way to do it --- by giving it a test...

This is pretty darn funny to even read, but it created amazing results. Kudos to Mr Pritchard for keeping her clean as frequently as he does.


I have 84 photos here, so I'm not going to post them all. Just check the FB link where I put there... here. ;)

They were taken during and after the Cup Parade yesterday. There's three pages to look and enjoy. The Story of Stories... Collapse )

For those who do not know, the Chicago Blackhawks are the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions!!! I still can't believe it, even now.

The first time I won is one I'll never forget. This one... may be more special than the first. The pic on the right? That was the taken at the party after, and yes, that Cup is a fake. Didn't mean I didn't celebrate, hehe. Come on, this is me we're talking about. I can't let something like this slide without going to the party myself.

Here's more from that said party, which was nuts even past 12am.


I'll just put it this way --- The area reminded some of Mardi Gras, including the topless women. They were on the other end of the party area.

The fun part happens on Friday at 10:30 when the boys bring Lord Stanley to Chicago down Washington Street to Michigan Avenue... then up Michigan Avenue to the Bridge for an unforgettable rally! Hope to see you all there!!!!

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Apparently, they weren't kidding. This one's too easy. Thanks to the Vancouver Sun for making my day today.

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