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25 February 1981
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I'm basically your normal average picture taker and curious soul.... But heck, it never hurts to add some vibrance to my collection, does it? There will be more pictures than words in what I show, but I even see the vibrance of life from the smallest flowers to a train. I have fun with whatever I do, and sometimes I catch people with their pants down.... But meh.... All for entertainment, yes?

From the 2003-2007 NHL seasons, I was a volunteer for the Anaheim Ducks organization, representing my home Los Angeles County. There I was the moderator of two groups. I also helped lead the charge of morale in bringing Anaheim their first ever Stanley Cup through my Game Day Threads. I also helped in being the representative from Los Angeles County who on the behalf of Ducks fans in the area, brought them the tools to market the Ducks to the fans there.

Then I moved to Chicago before the Ducks won their Championship. As the story goes, I then ended up getting recognized by the club for all my hard work and in turn got a lot of thank yous that were from just verbal to many different items paid for by the club.

Ever since I moved to Chicago, I never thought I'd see even larger devotion in my life. I've always been a Chicago Cubs fan as well (Watching WGN on cable and all), which made moving to Chicago quite a bonus. Ever since I've moved here, I've been hoping that the same mystique I brought to Anaheim could be brought to Chicago for the Cubs and the Blackhawks, another team of my choice. It happened in 2010, when the unimagineable happened and the Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup Championship since 1961.

I'm a reporter in nature, and I should have continued onto my Journalism career til my continuous arguments with my many professors. Either way, I'm a kid at heart and I love to have fun. ;)